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Program director
Fogarty Foundation
Ingrid Sealey is committed to improving outcomes for children in disadvantaged communities. Through her role as program director at Fogarty Foundation's EDvance, Ms Sealey supports leaders at 48 schools to positively affect more than 20,000 disadvantaged students. She has been instrumental in trialling and scaling the support model and brings a wealth of corporate experience to her role, having previously worked with Boston Consulting Group and Lufthansa Airlines. As a past winner of the Macquarie Social Innovation Award, Ms Sealey is acknowledged nationally for her social impact. She expects her work will improve outcomes for 75,000 students across 150 schools in the next five years, setting new milestones for Australian education. Ms Sealey commits time outside Fogarty to teaching the cello, which she has done since the age of 14.