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Managing director, owner
After working for 20 years in the finance industry, Ruth Hatherley left a stable job to take a chance on crafting a better way to make home loans happen. Investing her own money, Ms Hatherley used blockchain technology to create her business, Moneycatcha, designed to create a more efficient home loan process and empower Australians to change banks. She strives to provide systems that deliver superior speed, security and efficiency in order to bring greater transparency and trust to finance decisions. Moneycatcha partners with national brands Landgate, KPMG and PEXA, and has had two successful rounds of capital raising. In 2018, Moneycatcha will partner with five Australian financial institutions, and by 2019 Ms Hatherley intends to expand to the global market. A single mother and with little tech experience when developing the concept for Moneycatcha, Ms Hatherley prides herself on her resilience and determination to push through boundaries on the path to success.