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Fringe World
Marketing director
Jo Hos has been a central player in the development of Perth’s Fringe World festival over the years. The marketing director joined the festival in its second year, and has overseen its growth to the point where the Perth Fringe is now the third largest event of its kind in the world. The marketing behind Fringe World has directly contributed to 69 per cent of surveyed community members feeling safer in Perth CBD and Northbridge during Fringe time, 89 per cent feeling the event brings the Perth community closer together, and 96 per cent believing it promotes the city’s vibrancy and creativity. Ms Hos helped secure $2.3 million in sponsorship for Fringe 2017 and executed a campaign that generated a total media value of more than $10 million. Since 2012, Ms Hos has contributed to growing the festival in total attendance by an impressive 400 per cent, to 758,184.