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General Manager
Richards Mining Services
After leaving the Air force and working on commercial projects in East Timor, Mr Norberger was appointed as general manager of Richards Mining Services in 2007. Established in 2001, RMS is a training and recruitment provider for the mining, construction and transport industries. At the time, RMS employed nine staff and business was steady, but not growing. Since Mr Norberger took control the company has grown to 100 staff, four metropolitan training branches and has worked with clients that include BHP Billiton and Nifty Copper. One of Mr Norberger.s greatest achievements is the work he.s done to benefit the indigenous community, with RMS working proactively to provide a range of training and employment opportunities and as a result was a finalist in the WA Training Awards as well as being made a permanent member of BHP Billiton ADP.s Indigenous Employment and Contracting Steering Committee.